Bumps On Scalp also known as scalp folliculitis come in many different ways. You have the small ones that are very itchy. Or the larger ones that pop up anywhere on the head. These bumps can also come with a very mild or severe itchy scalp. Since the majority of scalp folliculitis conditions occur on the scalp, many people do not really know what the condition looks like. It is very small white and yellow pustules surrounded by circular red blisters.

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What Causes Scalp Acne And pimples?

Many factors may contribute to Pimples on scalp:

  • Hormones, {women times of menstruation}
  • Stress.
  • Hot, wet humid conditions.
  • Pollution, mold in home
  • certain chemicals and oils in shampoos
  • Oily, greasy scalp.
  • Friction or pressure, as from helmets.
  • Products that can cause blocked pores.
  • Genes
  • petroleum

What Works – Without Side Effects?

Natural herbal products are more favored over steroid and medicated shampoos prescribed by doctors. Steroids on the scalp can damage your hair follicles or even leave bald spots. They can also break down the scalp’s protective barrier which defends many of the other issues that you can receive.

Preventing the problem early is the most important with scalp bumps and pimples. Make sure you have a good shampoo and stay way from petroleum based products (clogs pores) and prescribed medications (damages follicles). Countless people around the world struggle with pimples on scalp of all kinds: acne, eczema, psoriasis, and keloids. “Get Rid Of scalp Bumps” is the most popular “scalp bumps treatment”


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Treats: acne nuchae keloids(early stage), bumps on scalp, scalp fungus, bumps on back of head etc…

The main causes of pimples on scalp or folliculitis, which is when the scalp produces to much oil and bacteria takes force. In most cases this happens with bad itching and dandruff all over the scalp. These problems can occur anywhere from eyebrows, beard and sometimes your ears. You have to remember your scalp is very sensitive so you could breakout due to hair products or anything that touches your scalp. Pimples on Scalp in the same place can be caused by where you lay your head everyday or even hats you wear.

Pimples on scalp are the most difficult to cure as in most cases it is associated with a scalp fungus. Some people deal with theses problems for years then they need surgery because the skin has just been too damaged and they waited to long! There is no explanation of pimples on scalp just like acne.